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Most young women wouldn’t spend so much time in the woods like Kiadora does; it is forbidden, after all.  Then again, most girls wouldn’t pass out in the woods either.  It’s because of the enigmatic force called Eatheria that runs most strongly through all the natural elements, and its hold over Kiadora is getting stronger.  Unfortunately it’s also a sign of the Shiekita, the demon-possessed, according to the Holy Text. 

Turned over to the Church by her best friend in the name of redemption, Kiadora emerges battered and tortured, and she is one of the lucky ones. Then Kiadora believes herself to be truly saved when she finds a peaceful and scholarly secret society for people like her, but her problems are just beginning. 

Now Kiadora must navigate a world of the delusional, the damaged and the equally confused to find out who she is, what she believes and if the dizzying array of images from Eatheria-induced trances are real or not.  And some of her fellow scholars are not content to stay in the shadows, even if they have to kill for freedom…     

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